Spelling Guidelines for Written Materials:

The brand name should always be spelled as "WriterBuddy," with a capital "W" and "B." The spelling "Writerbuddy" or any other variant should not be used.

For graphic materials, the brand logo should be used instead of the written brand name. It is important to ensure that the logo is used consistently and in accordance with any guidelines provided.

Logo Concept:

The pen is the ultimate symbol of writing so tried to make WriterBuddy's logo a clever and visually striking fusion of the letter "W" and a pen. The "W" is designed to look like a pen, with the top curve of the letter forming the pen tip. The "W" in our logo also represents the act of writing and the power of words. It's a strong, bold letter that conveys confidence and determination. This unique combination of "W" and "pen" represents the core of what our tool does: helping people create high-quality content with the precision of a pen.

As you can see in the final version of our logo for WriterBuddy, We replaced the "W" of WriterBuddy with a pen-looking "W".

We hope this explanation helps you understand the concept behind our logo for WriterBuddy

WriterBuddy Logo (Dark) - PNG
WriterBuddy Logo (White) - PNG
WriterBuddy Logo Icon - PNG

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